Some people build model planes, some origami, and some get a kick out of making products happen.  It is addictive – Hello, my name is Greg Rusu, and I like to make things.  Mostly technical things.  Things that help people out.  I have been very fortunate to feed my curious addiction by teaming up with amazing people professionally and take on roles centering on Product Management.

What is Product Management?  It is the role where creativity and innovation, marketing and engineering, technology and business, finances and operations, insight and experience, scrappiness and hands-on all come together to create and make available something that people find useful.  This role is also called “Founder”, “CEO” or General Manger – all depends on the size of the organization and who is the one in the driver’s seat.

Past experiences, questions and perspectives, links and commentaries, all from a product creation point of view, will be featured on this site.

  • Recent Posts feature product-centric Marketing, business, operations and technology issues
  • Under Products I share the things I am currently involving me
  • Social Temperature is all about the people-side of all this
  • Check out About to get to know what drives me and where I’ve driven

Thank you for stopping by, have fun, maybe find some tools or things to think about, and drop some comments here and there.  Welcome !!!


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