Dawn of talent behind Social Tech

Imagine what happens when the talents behind “social” brings us together in a “network” or better yet, in a 2000+ virtual choir directed by Eric Whitacre.  The massively viral application of talent to social media technology suggests that Social Tech in general is dawning.  In this effort, recognized composer Eric Whitacre conducted YouTube auditions and received YouTube performances from strangers all over the world to create perhaps one of the best examples of applied Social Tech:

I have always been a sucker for applied technology, and social media is an amazing tool in the right hands.

Years ago there was the desktop publishing craze, where fonts, column layouts and “printed” marketing copy was within reach of anyone with a Mac/Win 3.x and a laser printer. The technology opened the door and many stepped through, eventually professional designers embraced the technology and we saw fewer fonts per page as a result.

In many ways, history is repeating itself with Social Media marketing and digital marketing in general.  The new marketing channels provide efficient inbound and outbound capabilities, and increased speed, but fundamentally it is another channel to use in the context of a marketing strategy and more importantly in the hands of a talented practitioner.


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