Everyone is about something, and we all can point to pivotal events in our lives that helped to shape or describe what we are about.  This little web site is an attempt to bring together the events and insights that led me to a deep interest in seeing technology applied and practice the craft of Product Management.

Hotwiring – this is about having fun with technology and just making things happen.

Beyond Borders – this is about two people who shaped my drive for “applying” technology and to be unsatisfied to just make technology happen for its own sake.

The Challenge Index – this is about pushing aside roadblocks, ignoring those who cannot yet see an opportunity, and the drive to make things happen.

Moving the 800 lbs. Gorilla – this is about working together to make sense of ambiguity, realize business objectives, and empower creativity to be realized by the rock stars of technology practitioners:  game developers.

These themes could be combined as a simple directive:   empower everyone with products innovated in the minds of technology rock stars.

Sounds good to me.


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