Crafting the Product

Product Management brings together a number of functional disciplines.  Besides blending creativity with lots of work like what an entrepreneur or a business unit leader would do, experienced product managers will pattern the various inbound, launch, development and outbound tasks into a workflow that is often typical to their area of expertise.  This is one reason why product managers tend to stay with a type of product or within a specialty.  

Like any good craftsmen, many have at the ready business tools for the various tasks required.  Some gain these tools from experience, self-teaching, education or training, and all will innovate or combine these in various ways as needed.  The good news is that in spite of a particular specialty and favored workflow, there are general tools and techniques applicable for product management across many kinds of products.  

Over the years I have found this reference collection of tools and techniques quite useful in producing software products. 

While there are few professional highlights as satisfying as helping folks make their lives just a little easier with the value provided by good products and services, providing real value and good products is key and goes beyond financial reward.  Value has a way of transcending utility when the understanding of it emerges and is realized.  Value provides something to build upon when it does not end up as something watered-down trapped within an industry’s sandbox.  Value makes new products indispensable and old products classics.  Value has a way of attaching to people.  Ultimately, value definition and realization is at the core of building brands.







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