Opportunities to innovate are all around.  Beyond a great idea are many hours of long work, dedication, concentration and execution.  Beyond great implementations are business models, financing, navigating regulatory issues, press, and all the other soft-side challenges of getting cool products into the hands of their consumers.  Pulling an idea through to reality, to deliver value and meet a need, taking it all the way through to the light of day, is at the core of what product management craftsmen, entrepreneurs, CEOs and business unit leaders are all about.  Many colleagues I have talked to describe it as a passion, a hobby, even a first-love calling.  Staying current and engaged is what it is all about.

My current projects are:

  • TechSpense – a business model investigation, testing delivery of IT services to 501(c)3 organizations as a 501(c)3 organization.
  • Empath – in the wake of a successful pilot, how much value can a technique for understanding end-user interaction across many mediums provide in today’s cloud, SaaS, and mobile environments.
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