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  • The Travis Audubon Society reached out for IT services in its effort to get its archives managed via online technologies.
  • IT Services are scarce, expensive or cannot deliver cost-effective end-end project management, moreover a focal provider for project continuity is not available.
  • Pilot the archive project to test the business model underlying a non-profit IT services organization formed exclusively to service the IT needs of 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.


  • —The Audubon Society’s avian archives stretch back over 6 decades.
  • —The archives are valuable to academia, research and public projects.
  • —Current projects can be facilitated easier and additional projects hosted if more efficient access to the archives can be made available.


  • —The archives are rendered on paper, photographs, maps, meeting minutes, and various obsolete and modern computer formats.
  • —The various archives are stored in multiple locations, and cared for by various individuals.
  • —Categorization and cross-referencing of the archives is subjective, fragmented, sometimes non-existent, or only available to archive keepers.

Solution Detail

  1. Digitize archives and categorize per the Society’s perspective.
  2. Upload to secure, easy to use, non-techie CMS.  Use mainstream, well supported, and open-source technologies.
  3. Train member staff and volunteers in upkeep.

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